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We had a beastly time generating the thoughts to write this review of Deborah Kerr Tagliarini and her TSC Team. The quandary stemmed from our experience being so positive and glowing, that we felt just telling the truth of our interactions with them, would sound like we were paid advertisers! What an incredible combination they possess: the highest level of enthusiasm for their profession, their clients, their community; excellence in the details; and integrity in all business practices, united with some serious right-brain thinking! By that last, I mean more specifically, being able to “think outside the box” to sell a highly “niched” price of real estate! From our initial contact, to our last conversation (which, sadly, felt like saying goodbye to dear friends), we were highly satisfied customers. We no longer live in Florida, but if the winds of change blow us back there, we will seek out the Tomlin St Cyr establishment with pleasure!

- Dave and Anne Fielstra

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